Pocket Tape Tool How It Works Page

In the past all pocket tools have been very handy. Until now they have all been missing one very useful tool, which was a tape measure. That is the reason for the invention of the Pocket Tape Tool.          

   This new Pocket Tape Tool has many of the features of other pocket tools. The new features are a 33 inch retractable tape measure with inch/mm markings and a 4mm hex interchangeable tool driver opening and holder to hold two 4mm bits of any style (Flat blade screw drivers, Phillips screw drivers (which are included), Hex Allen key drivers, Star or Torques drivers and others). In addition this Pocket Tape Tool has five standard tools, which are a folding pocket knife, #2 Phillips screw driver, regular Straight screw driver, Small Straight screw driver and a bottle opener. It comes with a pocket clip or a belt clip. This compact (2 5/8 long x 1 3/8 wide 3/4 thick body) Pocket Tape Tool allows you to carry in your pocket the tools you need for many jobs. For example an extra small Flat blade screw driver is handy to repair glasses, the extra small Philips driver is handy for many small battery compartments, small Star bits or Hex bits (not included) are used on many small products. You can set up this Pocket Tape Tool to fit your needs by putting the needed tools in one of the two storage compartments. When needed just tap the back of the tool a couple of times on a hard surface, Making the stored tools slide out to be grabbed and used in the 4mm driver opening in the front of the Pocket Tape Tool